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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

Greetings Alumni,

I hope you all are having a fantastic 2018 so far!  Here are this month's updates:

Currently, we are working diligently to create a more comprehensive platform for us all to interact with each other more easily via LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is making groups easier to use and more visible.  With it, you can see who all is a member, message one another, post to an alumni only page, and post jobs as well!  This would reduce my need to be a middle man in job searches as well as create a non one-way communication stream.  This only works if we all participate so I am pleasing to you to join the group, invite other alumni, and interact with each other!  

Please join.  This will be a great way for us all to communicate better! Here is the link again: LinkedIn Group.  I will be personally reaching out to you all over the next few weeks as time allows if you have not joined by the time I get to your name.

Now, here are this months Job Opportunities:

Mike Boswell from Toll Brothers is searching for a summer intern.  This is a wonderful opportunity and we want to help our alumni get a mean green in the role!  Please see here for the job opportunity.  

Next, we have an entry level commercial brokerage opportunity with Newcor out of Houston brought to our attention by David Alexander. Here is the information.

Lastly, my friend Steve Donosky at Henry S Miller told me that they are hungry for summer interns and that they only need to apply here on their website.  If you have interest, let me know and I will forward the info to Steve who may be able to help with the process.

Thank you both to David and Mike for thinking of our students!

That's all for now.  Be on the lookout for more events coming soon!


Randy Streig
UNT Real Estate Alumni Association President


Randy Streig